Streams Open for Application

Boab runs multiple streams.  We are passionate about getting our hands dirty and making sure that founders are delivered overwhelming value and get more time back in their day. Boab streams open for application are listed below:

Boab AI - Scaleup Program

  • 6-month program
  • Initial investment of $330k to $1.6m
  • Up to $5m in follow-on funding
  • Unlimited market value services provided
  • Seeking startup founders from Australia with an AI focus

CDH Scaleup Program (Closed)

  • Applications currently closed

Platform Principles

Boab Venture Platform has a proven track record in helping portfolio companies breakthrough to the next level of growth with an investment uplift of 200%+.

We focus on working directly with companies to improve revenue and/or valuation via delivered services, and guided by the following principles:

Don’t waste time: 

Founders are time poor and whatever service or mentoring which doesn’t provide value is cut.  We focus only on initiatives that help companies achieve their goals, which is usually improving revenue or raising the next round of investment.

Delivered services: 

We focus on delivered services that help to put time back in the day of founders.  


Mentoring can be amazing, but equally the wrong mentors can ruin a company or at best, waste their time.  Boab is careful to only provide trusted and proven mentors from our network of strategy, financial, sales, marketing and technical experts.



Each application is individually assessed on its merits.  Historically, Boab has invested in companies with a valuation of between $3m and $20m AUD with the stage of progress varying from pre-launch through to millions in revenue.  Each company is different and is therefore treated as unique.

We are accepting applications globally, however we have a special interest in funding companies based in Victoria, Australia where we are headquartered. Companies applying from overseas may need to relocate, or create an Australian parent entity, as our venture funds are domiciled here.

No, we have invested and worked deeply with founders on a purely remote basis.  However it may benefit portfolio company founders to travel on occasion for events that help to provide customer leads and/or investment.

Historically our initial cheque has ranged from $300,000 to $1.6m AUD.  This differs on a case by case basis, and the valuation range is usually between $3m and $20m AUD.  Fund investment is also dependent on the terms of the Stream.

Yes, feel free to contact us via the contact form.

This differs on a case by case basis, and the valuation range is usually between $3m and $20m AUD.  Fund investment is also dependent on the terms of the Stream.

There may be a fee component based on the Stream.  See the section with details of the specific Stream.

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Boab is headquartered in Richmond, Melbourne.

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