Pre-accelerators are structured training and mentoring programs for aspiring founders at what we term the ‘inception stage’ whereby companies are valued at < $1m. The program is suitable to be run by organisations to target a variety of reasons, including:​

Pre-accelerators provide a platform for identifying and nurturing promising startups at an early stage, before they have gained significant traction or attracted venture capital funding. This early access allows corporations and governments to establish relationships with these startups, with the view to investing or partnering with them further down the track.

Pre-accelerators provide a mechanism for corporations and governments to stay ahead of the curve in terms of emerging technologies and market trends. By exposing themselves to a diverse range of startups, they can gain insights into new ideas, technologies, and business models that could impact and activate their industries or areas of interest.

Pre-accelerators can contribute to the social and economic development of communities by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Corporations and governments may view these programs as a way to fulfill their social responsibility goals and support local communities.

Pre-accelerators serve as a talent pool for corporations and governments seeking to recruit and develop top entrepreneurial talent. By engaging with promising founders in the early stages of their ventures, corporations and governments can identify potential future employees, partners, or collaborators.

Investing in pre-accelerators enhances the brand reputation of corporations and governments, demonstrating their commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and community development. This positive image can attract talent, investors, and partners.

Pre-accelerators can promote open innovation and knowledge sharing among participants, fostering a collaborative environment where corporations, governments, and startups can learn from each other and exchange ideas.

3-Stage Process

Through the years of running Pre-accelerators and later-stage venture programs, Boab has created a unique model for generating high quality early-stage companies in a supportive yet competitive environment focused on achieving success.

Stage 1: Startup ready

Practical content and mentoring delivered across an intensive 6-weeks, focused on educating aspiring entrepreneurs to find a real market problem, speak with customers and create solutions. This stage is a proving ground for ascertaining the top talent.

Stage 2: Investor ready

Selected participants from Stage 1 are invited to stage 2, where they will spend another 6-weeks in an entirely different program focused on 1-on-1 coaching, deployed hands-on services, technical advice and formal investment consideration by Artesian funds for a pre-seed or seed round of funding.

Stage 3: Post program support

Stage 3 provides ongoing advice via office hours, ongoing fund consideration, community access and special events. This stage provides support as founders continue on the path of raising their round or launching a go-to-market.

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Boab Pre-Accelerator Benefits

De-risked process

Boab operators have trained 300+ teams in early-stage programs over the past decade across Australia and Asia Pacific.  As highly experienced operators with a trackrecord of success, the involvement of Boab helps to mitigate both financial and operational risk.

DeepTech specialists

The commercialisation of DeepTech requires a different approach to other startup companies such as online marketplaces. The Boab team are the only venture capital program operators in Australia with successful programs in DeepTech areas including AI, MedTech and AgTech. 

Venture investment linked

Boab portfolio companies from the Scaleup Program have directly received $16m from parent company Artesian funds.  Any companies going through Boab initiatives are automatically fast-tracked for investment assessment throughout 20 managed venture capital funds.

investment with a track record

Boab is differentiated by robust results through real capital commitments and services that help companies breakthrough to the next level of growth.


$16m+ invested

On average $300k to $1.6m deployed in first round, up to $5m in follow-on funding.

100+ jobs created

New jobs created across portfolio companies since investment.

200%+ per annum investment uplift

Boab is a VC portfolio investment strategy so far with compelling results.

$365m company value

Aggregated value of companies within the portfolio.

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Boab is headquartered in Richmond, Melbourne.

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