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While the Scaleup Program is focused on bringing in external scaleup companies and providing comprehensive services to unlock rapid growth, the Venture Platform provides specific services assistance to existing portfolio startup/scaleup companies. It is suitable for organisations looking for specialist and specific help for their companies while maintaining an appropriate budget.​

The Venture Platform can help large organisations expand into new markets and customer segments by providing their investees with targeted support such as marketing, sales, lead generation, brand development in new markets.

Pre-accelerators can contribute to the social and economic development of communities by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. Corporations and governments may view these programs as a way to fulfill their social responsibility goals and support local communities.

The Venture Platform helps to progress a commercialisation pipeline, providing specific assistance to portfolio opportunities.  This may involve for example, tidying up the investment materials for an investment offer or helping to run a marketing campaign for a go-to-market launch.

Investing in pre-accelerators enhances the brand reputation of corporations and governments, demonstrating their commitment to innovation, entrepreneurship, and community development. This positive image can attract talent, investors, and partners.

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Venture Platform Services

As a consequence of founding and operating numerous innovation communities over the years, Boab offers a package of community building services alongside programs and investment funds.  Activities include but are not limited to:

Fireside discussion events (in-person)


Pitch events

community site

Exhibition events

Mentoring clinics


Exclusive gala events

Executive round
table discussions







Cost effective marketing

Events and activities are on marketable topics, producing engaging content that is featured on social media and sometimes in news publications.

Brand building

By providing authentic value to all stakeholders, the community host builds branding in the target sector.

Network effects

A thriving community can not only provide investment and partnership opportunities to program portfolio companies, but also to the community host who 

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